Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 14 / One cute afternoon

After reading my chronicle of our visit to The Hive, I know many of you think I'm overreacting, I’m a drama queen or something like that. I’M NOT.

You can see the tweet from #lagordaconchudaesa here:

Look carefully the message she speaks ONLY about food, she did not even say our names but she does not forget to say PIZZA or CHOCOLATES.

BTW, Work perk? QHdP... Work, pork...

Whatever, after lunch, we went to a coffee and after take a few huuuuuge ones we remember that the Coffee shops do not have bathrooms. OMFG Can you believe that? We had to use the restroom of a gas station which certainly had no friendly employees.

Then we went with “Coffee cupcake” to one Shopping Mall. (YES we are addicted to shopping). Was a lovely evening with our German friend. We enjoying a snack together and then Eugenia and I left to the train station because that evening we had scheduled the trip to San Diego.

It was hard to say goodbye to Jana but I wish that life would soon rejoin us. We arrived at the station, with our tongue out, and the train started to move before our asses was comfortable in the seats.

San Diego... there we go!!!

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